Partners in Time

D&D Campaign

The Tempus Relic was forged in the dawn of man. When artificers first learned to harness the arcane energies around them. Though the two mages who created it did not know what they had stumbled upon, they understood with great certainty the need to protect their invention. With the assistance of other sorcerers and wizard knights, the two arcanists swore to protect their creation from evil forces and see to it that the relic only be used for the good of the world. Dark forces came to claim the artifact, but could never quite wrench it from the safeguards of magic and light. For decades, well into their hundreds, the two inventors stood side by side with their allies in defense of the item. Seldom using it, except to right injustices or help bring about peace. Ever careful and aware of the impact their meddling could create.

Though they hung on for as long as they were able, the two reached the end of their lives. With the remaining magic left in their body, the two mages bound themselves to the relic they had forged together. Ensuring that with each life that they were reborn into, they would be drawn to the Tempus Relic. The Magister Council, in turn, agreed to find their souls wherever they did occur and bring them into the assembly to continue their service, protection, and study of the powerful creation. For near a thousand years, the two souls were watched over and their efforts to better understand the universe around them continued. Many wars were prevented and generations preserved. However, for nearly a hundred years, the two souls went astray. Lost to the chaos of an unfolding eon.

When the souls were finally found again, the evil forces of the realm had lurched ever forward. The absence had created a need for aid. Research was a luxury, fast action became everything. The council, once reserved and defensive, had coalesced into an offensive guild of fighters after justice. With much assistance from the guild, the souls fought on. However, though the two guardians did their best, they were overcome. Reborn again, and again, until some of the horrors had slid back from whence they came. Not quelled by any means, but held at bay by the saviors who met their demise once more.

The day is present. The world is far from fixed. Time is still much a mystery and The Gray Guild are wary as a deep, malevolent force has made itself known in the far off plains and deep recesses of the Underdark. It's been with great fortune that the guild has recovered their two guardians, but the Tempus Relic cannot solve every problem and it's wielders must know the consequences of their choices.

Can the Guardians of The Gray Guild work together and save those who are out of time?

Or will they run out of time themselves?

Partners in Time